What do I have to do here?
Just be here.

Within our hyperventilating ecosystem of change [government, society, economy, planet], “retreating yourself” means choosing to step off the hamster wheel, pausing our [overflowing] digital lives, and coming together offline [a real challenge!], in-person, in real life and in real time. We practiced treating ourselves again and again (Re-Treat) with moments of wholebeing, connection, and R.E.S.T. (Random Episodic Silent Thinking) to nurture radical creativity. Over the course of this year, we ran a number of ReTreats with people across all walks of life - from Silicon Valley to the Brazilian atlantic forest, from OuiShareFest to Burning Man, from our garden to private mansions.

These ReTreats had no agenda, no strategy, and no need of exact results. Stepping into the space of the unknown, we started with “Who” and made it a taboo to talk about what we do. Everyone in the space is invited to be a host, to share the responsibility for co-authoring the time they would share together, or project duration ahead. This for us represents a major shift from ‘facilitation to hosting’, where one or a couple individuals no longer take responsibility for the experience of others but rather everyone together shows up on an eye-to-eye level.



It was during this ReTreat in Bern that the concept of the Happy [Bern] Lab emerged. Check out this video of how it all started during yet another ReTreat with no agenda, plans or objectives.




Small and big rituals can have a profound impact on us. They help us navigate a world of ambiguity and connect with self and others.  Create your own and use ours when it feels right.



We hope this collection of prototypes to co-create self-organized safe spaces inspires you for your next ReTreat. We encourage you to add, mix and remix it with your own gems and ideas.



Pusterum is a Danish word which means "space for breathing".
It is an expression used when things are a bit too hectic and you need a mental break. We use this journal to support our learning journeys.



In our ReTreats and Playshops we find it super important that
we connect with each other as human beings (beyond roles and agendas). Here go a few exercises that helped us with that.



Santa cruz - california

October 2016

Paraty - brazil & Estavayer-le-Lac - Switzerland

February 2017

Napa Valley

April 2017

bern - switzerland

MAY 2017

burning man - nevada

September 2017