How does a flock of a thousand birds know how to fly in stunning formation? How do a 100+ world wide scattered  practitioners, artists and designers of systemic [inner and outer] change collaborate to co-create projects? We have collected our learnings about collaboration from this journey and organised them in a handbook.  Honestly, we are still figuring it out [it is an experiment after all], so this is not a perfect organisational model but rather a collection of what has worked out well for us so far.


During our year long experimentation a few of the stones we uncovered, shaped and polished turned out to be quite beautiful gemstones [rumor has it there might even be some diamonds in there]. Just like ants leave trails of pheromones to show the way to food to their fellow ants, we are building this website and mind map to help us and you explore and navigate the useful tools, methodologies, workshops… that emerged along the way.


In case you have a taxonomic brain, you may prefer to browse our drive directly.

Everything in Amanitas is open source and shared with love.
So feel free to enjoy it, use it, change it, share it or join in!