Happy [Bern] Lab is a dynamic, self organised laboratory
to explore the future of human collaboration technology.


In eight months, over 600 people came to the Happy [Bern] Lab. Top managers and owners of small, medium and large enterprises, refugees from Ethiopia and unemployed people from Bern, scientists and neighbours. The mayor of Bern came three times, and, like many others, overstayed his intended visit by hours. They discussed how what seemed possible only here could be transferred into business or their own family. They wondered how a mindset that orients itself at the wellbeing of everyone could be safeguarded in a stressful daily routine against all other seemingly conflicting short-term interests?


The video below is an animated account of Happy {Bern} Lab practices featuring voices from business, social innovation and sustainable development who experienced the experiment first hand. An invitation to create safe spaces, to trust in the emergence of ideas and to learn together across generations, this inspiring short charts the rise of a movement to drive change from within.

Directed by Sophie Mulphin - Illustrations by Simon Kiener - Animation and editing by Jimmy Roura


We are rediscovering neighbourhood empowerment and giving space to support local initiatives. A cornerstone in the Happy [Bern] Lab is to hold space for unconventional conversations; especially conversations around HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS. We invite our guests and hosts to explore what health, wealth and happiness mean to us and our communities. Our house and garden are a safe space for people to embark on new journeys without knowing where it will end. Plant, water, wait and trust.

The Happy [Bern] Lab is also a re-charging station for social changemakers and gamechangers, a place where they can rest and find support in order to continue their great work for Bern and beyond. We support people with taking care of rent and food, and offering the space for them to dive into themselves, and spend time with who they truly are. Reversing the cycle to start being before doing.




You feel like replicating this format in your own city, neighbourhood, community, school, university, company, family, ...? Be our guest! You can write the word you want in between the brackets, sort of like TEDx works. In this handbook we share with you what we learned in our own experiment, hoping that it might help you to set up your own version.




Download and read the newsletter we put together during
the experience at Happy [Bern] Lab


A short and fun comic that helps people get an idea of what
Amanitas and Happy [Bern] Lab are about.

mind map

Check out the structural wireframe behind Happy [Bern] Lab.
This might be useful if you plan to replicate it.


Here is the actual brochure handed as a gift to people stopping by our house to explain how we roll. 



The best way to learn with us is to come and visit us in Bern.

This is not a normal house that can be explained and experienced in traditional ways. So this is your open invitation to visit us [and test our open door policy - can be found on page 43 in the handbook]. You may want to reach out to Kristoffer if you are considering to swing by the Happy [Bern] Lab. Just to increase your chances that someone will be home. We do go out from time to time.